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The Student Model series (also known as children's horn) was tailor-made to meet the precise needs of young hornists. The Josef Lídl workshop was the first manufacturer to produce this compactly dimensioned horn. With its low weight and smaller body, the Student Model series is designed to help young hornists develop faster and have more fun making music. These fully-equipped French horns are suitable for amateurs, as well as school ensembles and wind orchestras.

Lídl French horns are renowned for their easy response and low weight, making them an ideal choice for beginners. Due to their ideal resistance and playing characteristics, many hornists still recommend a single French horn as a beginner's instrument.

At Lídl, we have maintained an intensive exchange with professional and renowned horn players for many years, with the aim of further developing our range of double French horns. Our series includes a wide selection of double French horns, starting from compensating models in F/Bb to fully equipped professional instruments. All of our double horns can be converted to F/Bb or Bb/F, offering versatility to suit every musician's preferences.

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