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F/B% Double French Horn LHR 883 TRIBUTE

F/B% Double French Horn LHR 883 TRIBUTE

Josef Lídl presents TRIBUTE – a brand-new flagship among its program of double French horn. This top model has been developed in close cooperation with Ondřej Vrabec, seasoned solo horn player of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra ( The goal was a comeback with a high-end French horn designed especially for orchestral playing as well as for solo. Thanks to its variable setting option, extraordinary legatos, fine tune and a unique sound colour, this instrument will surely fulfil all individual needs of every horn player.  

  • Specifications

    LHR 883 -TRIBUTE – model Ondřej Vrabec

    Key: F/Bb adjustable Bb/F

    Valves: 4 rotary valves – original minibal joints

    Material body: yellow brass / goldbrass

    Bore: 11,8 or 12,0 – this horn offers a unique possibility of selection and combination of slides in both bores made of either yellow brass or gold brass. Sets of slides available on request are fully combinable with each other and offer a broad range of variations of tone colour, resistance of the instrument and overall playing comfort.

    Bell: 310 mm – gold brass/ yellow brass

    Mouthpipe: gold brass

    Three-dimensional adjustable pinkie hook

    Finish: finely polished- unlacquered / high gloss polished – lacquered

    scratch brush – unlacquered / lacquered

    Outfit: Silver-plated mouthpiece, cloth.

    All Josef Lídl TRIBUTE horns come with a certificate signed by Ondrej Vrabec who tests every instrument and chooses the best setup individually.

    Optionally, you can set the horn personally at the Josef Lídl factory.

  • Models:

    LHR 883D - lacquered, detachable

    LHR 883DB – brushed-lacquered, detachable

    LHR 883DU- unpainted, detachable

    LHR 883DBU- brushed-unvarnished, detachable

    LHR 883DC –Customised (the customer specifies the setup)

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