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F Inventhorn LHR 320

F Inventhorn LHR 320

Invention horns were first built in the 18th century. The design idea came from A. J. Hampel and was implemented by J. Werner in 1753. The fundamental is changed by inserting additional tuning slides. In the course of historical performance practice, a natural or invention horn (“Stopfhorn”) is often used in concerts of the Baroque and Classical period.

  • Specifications

    Key: F + 10 additionally available tuning binds (against surcharge)

    Material: Yellow brass

    Bore: 11.7 mm (.460")

    Bell: 300 mm (11,02")

    Height: 435 mm (17,13")

    Weight: 990 g (2,18 lbs)

    Finish: Lacquered

    Outfit: Silver-plated mouthpiece, cloth

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