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B% Parforce Horn LBG 282

B% Parforce Horn LBG 282

Josef Lidl also provides the whole range of Hunting Horns. From “Fürst Pless” to natural horns and Parforce horn, all made in the traditional way, with or without valve.

  • Specifications

    Key: B%

    Material: Yellow brass

    Bore: 11.7 mm (.460")

    Bell: 300 mm (11,02")

    Height: 435 mm (17,13")

    Weight: 1060 g (2,34 lbs)

    Leadpipe: tunable

    Wrapping: leather

    Finish: Lacquered

    Outfit: Silver-plated mouthpiece, cloth

  • Models:

    • LBG 282 Yellow brass
    • LBG 282G Gold brass
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