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B% Tenor Horn  LTH 721

B% Tenor Horn LTH 721

The traditional Bohemian construction of Josef Lídl tenor horns has proven its worth. The instruments are characterized by reliable intonation and excellent response in all registers. With their exquisite, lively sound, very precise machine and a wide dynamic range of expression, they also convince professional players all along the line.

Gold Brass gives a broader and softer timbre than Yellow Brass. Brass band musicians appreciate the really nice sound characteristic of this tenor horn.

  • Specifications

    Key: B%

    Valves: 3 or 4 rotary valves – original minibal joints

    Material: Gold brass

    Bore: 13.2 mm (.520")

    Bell: 240 mm (9,45"), nickel silver bell rim

    Height: 800 mm (31,40")

    Weight: 3500 g (7,7 lbs)

    Mouthpipe: Nickel silver

    Finish: Lacquered

    Outfit: Silver-plated mouthpiece, cloth, T1 La Tromba® Oil, Gig-Bag

  • Models:

    • LTH 721-3 with 3 rotary valves
    • LTH 721-4 with 4 rotary valves
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