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B% Baritone LEP 739-4R

B% Baritone LEP 739-4R

The characteristic timbre and properties of the sound are achieved by the traditional manufacturing method. For this model we have developed a new valve section in which all tuning slides are upright so that all the moisture can flow into the main tuning slide where the water key is located.

This model is characterized by its clear intonation and very good response.

Gold brass offers a beautiful and mellow sound that gives a comfortable feeling while playing. It is a desirable instrument for orchestras and brass bands. 

  • Specifications

    Key: B%

    Valves: 4 rotary valves – original minibal joints

    Material: Gold brass

    Bore: 15.2 mm (.598")

    Bell: 260 mm (10,2"), nickel silver bell rim

    Height: 800 mm (31,4")

    Weight: 3600 g (7,93 lbs)

    Mouthpipe: Nickel silver

    Finish: Lacquered

    Outfit: Silver-plated mouthpiece, cloth, T1 La Tromba® Oil, Gig-Bag

  • Models:

    LEP 739-4R

    LEP 739-4GRT PREMIUM with trigger on main tuning slide

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