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Fine brasswind instruments since 1892

Excellence matters! Back in 1892, the manufacture of Josef Lídl was the first musical instrument factory in Moravia. Today in 2021, Josef Lídl brass instruments continue the valuable tradition and highly professional skills of Czech instrument makers, who have made a significant contribution to the development of the worldwide instrument making industry. All our instruments are handmade by skilled craftsmen and all parts are manufactured in our manufactory. We use only the best raw materials to produce the finest instruments.

Josef Lídl is a traditional maker with a guarantee of quality, always oriented towards the wishes of our musicians. Made exclusively in our Czech factory, the fine Lídl brass wind instruments combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest, innovative technologies in instrument making. We strive to produce instruments that are of high quality, easy to play and have an excellent sound. To put it simply:

To help our musicians experience more.


The existing production range of affordable trumpets, flugelhorns, french horns, tenor horns, baritone horns and tubas is being successively expanded.

Tradition and highest quality.
Josef Lídl. Artisan from the heart.

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